BYD Forklift Video – Changing the Electric Forklift Market

BYD has been revolutionizing the rechargeable battery industry since 1995 in industries such as consumer electronics, energy storage, transportation and now the material handling industry. Compared to traditional electric forklifts, BYD’s extraordinary technology turns the industry inside-out by delivering a single-battery multi-shift solution. Designed to work together with its disruptive battery technology, BYD forklifts challenge the status-quo; creating a new standard of what operators expect from an electric forklift.


The BYD Difference – An innovative company, one of the three largest battery companies on Earth, with over 220,000 employees serving in over 40 countries. You know you are purchasing products from a company with a vast knowledge of battery and charging technology. Their products have been implemented in over 250mwh over the last decade, with over 22,000 engineers working on improving efficiency in battery technology. And with major investors like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, you know you’re in good company. More about the BYD product difference…

BYD Forklift Showroom