Apex 12 Commandments of Forklift Battery Care

  1. Thou shall not smoke or have open flame or spark near battery
  2. Thou shall always wear personal safety wear when inspecting, servicing or working near forklift batteries
  3. Thou shall add approved water only, never acid
  4. Thou shall keep electrolyte level above separator protectors
  5. Thou shall keep battery top clean and dry
  6. Thou shall keep flame and metal away from battery top
  7. Thou shall keep vent caps tightly in place
  8. Thou shall not use battery with specific gravity below 1120
  9. Thou shall  cool battery before charging or operating if battery is above 115F
  10. Thou shall charge only at proper voltage and ampere-hours
  11. Thou shall keep truck compartment and battery cover open during charging
  12. When in doubt, thou shall call Apex Material Handling Corporation Battery Care Specialists for service at 630-293-8610.