Industrial Fans

Industrial fansIndustrial ceiling fans can mean big saving opportunities. That’s because they move massive amounts of air with relatively little energy and give you a lot of bang for the buck. In addition to making a dramatic impact on your heating and cooling costs, they also protect equipment by improving air quality and reducing harmful conditions such as over-humidification. Read our feature article that highlights several ways you can reduce your warehouse energy costs.

Spread heat evenly throughout your warehouse in winter, or make cooling more effective in summer with this energy-efficient equipment. In addition to lowering energy costs, industrial ceiling fans will also create a more comfortable working environment, which can equate to more productive work and improved bottom line results.

Contact or call 888-530-1832 for quick info on industrial warehouse ceiling fans. We’re here to help you get the specs and other info you need – fast! A warehouse ceiling fan can:
  • Reduce energy costs up to 30% by delivering even heating and cooling. De-stratifying heat means your heating system cycles less to obtain the same indoor temperature. Similarly, even cooling means less cooling equipment cycles. Start planning now for a more energy-efficient future.
  • Protect equipment from harmful air conditions such as excess humidity. Ceiling fans also keep equipment and power sources cool and safe in your warehouse.
  • Provide portable solutions: Ask us about portable fans for even air quality throughout your industrial facility.
  • Boost productivity: More comfortable workers are more productive workers.
  • Run on next to nothing: Although warehouse ceiling fans are large, they’re highly energy efficient and run mostly on momentum vs. energy use.

Talk to us any time about options such as lighting, portability, large or compact sizes and ultra energy-efficient industrial ceiling fans.

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