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Forklift Planned Maintenance QuoteWhen it comes to servicing your forklift or any product related to your forklift, one call to Apex is all it takes. We service all makes and models forklifts. From the forks on the front, to the counterweight in the back, and everything in between, we are here to make sure your forklift fleet’s productivity is operating at peak performance. You can count on us for prompt professional and courteous for:


Forklift Field Service and Maintenance

Forklift In-House Service and Maintenance

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Forklift Fleet Audits

Forklift Service, Maintenance, Repair and Safety Related Articles from Our Feature Article Library

Factors Reducing the Safe Lifting Capacity of Your New Forklift
– Find out what can easily make your 5,000 lb. capacity forklift, a 4,000 lb. capacity forklift. It doesn’t take as much as you may think.

Five Major Benefits of Preventive Planned Maintenance –  Like anything else in life, whether it’s your car, your home or even your body, planning and conducting preventive maintenance creates long-term benefits that are well worth the investment. Why would your forklift and other materials handling equipment be any different?

Forklift Fork and Chain Inspection – A 10% wear in forklift forks reduces the safe lifting capacity of that forklift by 20%. Worn forks and chains present a real danger in the workplace. Be sure you know how to inspect them properly. 

Daily Forklift Inspections; A Guide to Success – Daily forklift inspections are not a suggestion, they’re the law. In addition to staying in compliance, we have found that customers who inspect lift trucks before each shift enjoy lower overall maintenance costs as small problems are caught before they can develop into large ones.

10 Things You Need to Know About Planned Maintenance – An effective Planned Maintenance program for your forklift fleet not only reduces your total ownership costs, it improves productivity and profits. This Feature Article lists 10 things you need to know to ensure you have the right service provider working on your forklifts. 

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See the Difference in CLARK Technician Training

We go to great lengths to ensure that our service technicians are up to date on the latest equipment and techniques to service today’s material handling equipment. CLARK service technician training is a big part of keeping our staff well educated to ensure efficiency when on the job site.