Optimize Your Warehouse by Fighting the Space Invaders

Eventually, any thriving warehouse and material handling operation will need to address where and how to expand. But many operators fail to become as efficient as possible in the meantime, leaving valuable space underutilized—space that may help delay the costs of expanding physical area.

Apex Warehouse Systems can assist you in making the right choices with the right products in the right places to magnify your savings and improve your bottom line. Below are several areas we recommend considering as you look for the most efficient ways to warehouse increased volumes of goods.

Product placement. The 80/20 rule says that 80 percent of your activity will come from 20 percent of your products or SKUs. Grouping your most active slot locations in the most logical facility locations will result in dramatic productivity increases, reduced operational expenses and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Clean floor space. Tour your facility. Do you have obsolete inventory or equipment that is no longer of use? Get rid of it. If you need to stow items for potential later use, consider storing them at an outside location. Keeping these items in your facility eats up valuable vertical space that you could be using for inventory.

Beam placement.
It sounds elementary: You need only six inches of space between the top of stored product and the beam above for forklift interaction. Yet many companies we’ve observed allow much more than that. Two inches of underutilized space may not sound like much, but multiply two inches by 1,000 pallet positions and the volume quickly adds up to a big waste of space.

Racking selection. If you have dedicated slotting, do you have the correct beam for what you are storing? If you need a six-inch beam and you are using an eight-inch beam, you can recognize significant increases in pallet positions by switching to the proper beam size. Apex Warehouse Systems is staffed with experienced professionals to help you design and install the right storage and racking for each of your operations, maximized space, through-put and productivity.

Mezzanines. Mezzanines make excellent options for items like supplies, small parts and equipment, and warehouse offices. Anything that is not being moved by forklifts or other equipment can be housed in mezzanines.

Meet our team of professionals that are here to partner with you to maximize your space and improve your productivity. From auditing to equipment and installation, Apex Warehouse Systems can provide complete turnkey solutions to warehouse expansion problems. We would like to help you improve your material handling operations. You can contact one of our Warehouse Design Professionals at 630-293-8610.

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