Forklift and Material Handling Industry Videos

Industry Videos

Employment in the Material Handling Industry Video
 – Ever wonder how all those products you purchase arrive at their destination? The material handling industry is a cutting edge, technologically advanced industry that is always evolving and looking for the next generation of leaders.

Equipment Feature Videos

Big Joe Joey 1 Task Support Vehicle – The Big Joe J1 Joey is a great alternative to rolling ladders of larger industrial equipment used to support elevated tasks in the workplace. The Joey compares favorably with products like the Crown Wave WAV-50 and JLG10MSP.

Big Joe Joey 2 Low-Level Order Picker – The J2 “JOEY” Low Level Order Picker combines the compact design and exceptional maneuverability of our J1 Task Support Vehicle with attributes of a counterbalanced forklift. The result is a versatile machine that can be used for low level order picking, and staging of pallets.

Big Joe E25 Electric Pallet Jack – With a 2,500lb lifting capacity and low self-weight of just 288lbs, the Big Joe E25 can be used in all sorts of general material transport applications. With an optional second “easy exchange” battery the E25 can also operate without worry of running out of power as the 8lb battery pack can be easily swapped out at any time.

CLARK Forklift Video Showcase – See all the videos of CLARK Material Handling’s line-up of LP, Electric, Diesel forklifts, including Order Pickers, Reach Trucks and more.

CLARK WPL25 Electric Pallet Jack Walk-Around
 – CLARK’s new Lithium Ion battery powered pallet jack, weighs in at less than 300lbs, but can carry quite a load and improve productivity in your materials handling operation.

CLARK S-Series Features and Benefits – Building on over 100 years of lift truck innovations, design and industry firsts. The evolution continues…. the CLARK S-Series, the next generation of lift trucks.

CLARK S-Series “Safe” Video – See all the new features and improvements that make CLARK’s new S-Series one of the safest forklifts on the market.

CLARK S-Series Forklift, Frame Video – Durability of CLARK’s S-SERIES begins with the frame of the lift truck. That durability comes from features such as a one-piece fully-welded frame, heavy gauge steel, 5/8 inch thick durable fenders, integral tie-downs and more.

CLARK S-Series Overhead Guard – The CLARK S-SERIES pneumatic lift truck features a newly designed overhead guard. The overhead guard has been engineered for strength, functionality and automotive styling.

CLARK S-Series Self-Activating Parking Brake – The internal parking brake on CLARK’s S-Series automatically applies when an operator is not seated or the engine loses power. Learn how it works in this short video.

CLARK S-Series Force-Cooled Wet Disc Brakes – The CLARK S-SERIES lift truck features Force-Cooled Wet Disc Brakes as standard equipment. The S-SERIES lift truck was designed with Force-Cooled Wet Disc Brakes to help the overall strength of the lift truck as well as to lower operator fatigue.

CLARK S-Series “Smart Dash” – See all the programmable features of CLARK’s S-Series forklift’s Smart Dash.

CLARK ESX Stand-up Counterbalance – See the new features of CLARK’s ESX space-saving stand-up counterbalance.

How-to and Support Videos

Fork & Chain Inspections
 – Your forklift’s forks and chains bear the brunt of the daily workload. Worn chains and forks present a significant risk for injury and product loss or damage. This video walks you through the process of proper fork and chain inspections.

Proper Pre-Shift Forklift Inspections – Pre-Shift Inspections are required by OSHA. We have found that these inspections provide benefits far beyond simple compliance. Daily inspections reduce your liability, product loss and damage and catches small maintenance issues before they blossom into giant repair headaches. This video walks you through proper pre-shift inspections.  Use the forms below to perform your daily checks, and remember to give us a call if anything needs service, or your operators need training.

LED Blue Safety Light from CLARK Totalift Parts – CLARK Totalift Parts is proud to introduce the latest in pedestrian safety enhancement, the LED Blue Safety Light. See it in action then contact us for pricing or more information.