Forklift Fleet Management in Chicago Metro Area

Apex understands that every company has specialized needs.  Our forklift fleet management team can develop and implement pricing and auditing procedures to assure that you are receiving the most cost-effective, competitively priced package on an ongoing basis to help reduce your forklift fleet operating costs and increase fleet productivity.

Benefits of Fully Maintained Forklift Fleet

  • Allows fleet owners to view the entire fleet including batteries, attachments and chargers associated with all and any specific truck.
  • Allows fleet owners to see the date equipment was delivered.
  • Allows fleet owners to see all units at multiple locations.
  • Our Full Fleet Management Program reminds you when any maintenance is required on specific units.
  • Shows what service and repairs have been done to your equipment and what parts were used.
  • Allows you to view the technician write ups and Pre-Delivery Inspection sheets as well as quotes for repairs.
  • Our team of material handling experts review the cost of service and request your approval for major repairs.
  • View equipment you have rented in the past.
  • Provides the means to obtain the latest technology improving operator satisfaction, OSHA & productivity.
  • Provides the flexibility to upgrade or change equipment specification with your changing operational requirements.
  • Frees up substantial capital that would otherwise be invested in an operator owned fleet, which can be better utilized to promote growth within your business.
  • See how our fleet management can show all warranty information on units and repairs that are covered by warranty claims.
  • Apex will monitor the usage of your equipment and identify abnormal usage.
  • Our Fleet Program also allows you to see your leasing contracts and records for your units.
  • Valuable management time and skills are freed up to concentrate on your cored business!

Management Reporting

Apex Material Handling Corporation will work with you to develop a tailor made forklift fleet reporting system and review schedule providing you with information that allows you to measure equipment, operator and service provider performance.  It also allows both parties to identify opportunities for improvement in your business, such as:

  • Utilization
  • Equipment downtime
  • OSHA incidents and commentary
  • Breakdown and response times

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