Apex Makes Donation to Local Humanitarian Service Project

Recently, Apex employees banded together to donate and entire Apex van full of much needed supplies to our local Humanitarian Service Project. Below is their Heart-felt thank you for our employee’s generosity. 

Dear Raul & our amazing Friends at Apex MHC,

Thank you so much for your generous donation of a van-full of greatly-needed Non-perishables (Wow!). What a difference you make in the lives of the needy in our community!

With your support, we are able to serve 133 needy seniors with a monthly delivery of groceries and gifts and 700+ children with a 25-lb birthday box and nutritonal support!

We are so thankful for all the incredible help that you give us.

Check out this smilebox we made for you 🙂

Yours in Love & Service,

Kristin Senne
Executive Director

Smilebox “Thank You” Video

Apex Humanitarian Service Project
Apex Humanitarian Service Project
Apex Humanitarian Service Project