Forklift Differential Service Special

4 Reasons to Service Your Forklift Differential

  • Keep Differential Cooler in Hot Summer Months. Heat Increases Wear, Costs and Risks of Breakdown
  • Ensure Manufacturers Warranty and Compliance.
  • Properly Service Forklift Parts Have a Longer Useful Life, Reducing Costs and Improving Forklift Life
  • Properly Maintained Forklifts Resist Wear, are More Productive and Reduce Your Costs

$199 Flat Rate, Per Unit*

  • 2,000 Hours or 12 Months, Whichever Comes First for Most Units
  • 500 Hours or 3 Months on Lift Trucks with Oil Cooled Disc Brakes

*Special pricing is for 6,000lb capacity units or smaller. Includes fluids and labor only. Tax not included.

Contact Us, or give our Service Departments a call directly at 888-530-0831 in Chicago, or 309-408-0386 in Peoria.