Replacement Forklift Forks and Chains in Chicago and West Chicago

If you need forks and attachments for your forklifts, look no further than the forklift pros at Apex Material Handling. We carry all classes of forks and attachments for your forklifts including side-shifters, re-positioners and roll clamps.  And if it’s service you need on your forks or attachments, in Chicago and West Chicago your best choice is Apex Material Handling. Our experience in forklift and attachment service means maximized up time and productivity for your forklift fleet.

n addition to all types and classes of forklift forks, we have access to all types of forklift attachments and back our selection up with top-notch and prompt service on all types of forklift attachments. Some of the attachments and service include:

  • Side Shifters and Re-positioners
  • Paper Roll Clamps
  • Carton Clamps
  • Slip Sheet Attachments
  • Carpet Poles
  • Barrel Clamps
  • Rotators
  • Cotton and Bale Clamps
  • Container Handlers

We want your forklift forks and attachments to operate safety to ensure maximum productivity by your forklift fleet. So give us a call the next time you have a need for forklift forks, attachments, service or parts….you’ll be glad you did!

Using Calipers to Measure Your Forklift Forks 

Fork Calipers – For a quick inspection of fork wear you can use fork calipers. This handy tool allows you to measure wear while forks are mounted on the lift truck.

How do they work? – There are two pair of points on the caliper jaws. The outer pair (A) sets the calipers to the original fork thickness using the vertical shank of the fork (point 1). When these points are positioned, the inner points (B) are automatically set to 90% of the original thickness. If the inner points (point 2) pass over the fork blade, you will know you have more than 10% wear.

Fork Tool