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Doors are open. Dirt, debris and heat are a lift trucks worse enemy during the hot Summer Months. Lift trucks operating properly are safer and more productive. Get your forklifts ready for Winter with our 13-Point Service Inspection.

Cooling System Service

  • Inspect cooling system for leaks
  • Inspect all coolant hoses
  • Inspect radiator
  • Drain and refill the cooling system
  • Verify coolant protection rating
  • Inspect transmission cooling lines

Battery Service

  • Inspect battery cables
  • Inspect battery terminals
  • Check water levels (if applicable)
  • Record battery volts under load
  • Record battery max volts while running
  • Check alternator belt and tension

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Complete Carbon Monoxide test
including results print-out


Flat Rate. No Additional Charges.
All Makes, All Models.
Limited Time Offer.

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