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Forklift Operator Training in Chicago, IL

Apex Material Handling has trained thousands of forklift operators in Chicago as well surrounding areas such as Waukegan, Elgin, Elmhurst,Bartonville,Bellevue and Aurora. We are a reputable and reliable source for all of your forklift training needs including operators and trainers alike.

Proper forklift training by a credible source is not only a requirement, it’s a smart thing to do. Well trained forklift operators have fewer accidents which results in fewer injuries and reduced liability for your company. In addition, forklift operators that have been trained are less likely to damage product resulting in a more profitable materials handling situation. Our training will provide your operators with a better understanding of:

Information on our Training Classes

You should attend our training if:

  • You would ever have a need to operate a forklift or lift equipment of any kind
  • It has been more than three years since your last certification
  • You have switched the type of equipment you operate
  • Have been introduced to a new type of lift truck
  • Have had an accident on your forklift

Apex is an active partner is helping you maintain a safe and productive materials handling operation. Below are a few of our Featured Articles designed to help you achive maximum performance out of your lift truck fleet while maintaining a safe environment for your employees and forklift operators.

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Links to Other Forklift and Aerial Lift Safety Resources

  • Visit OSHA’s eTool HERE to learn more about forklift safety and training requirements.
  • Want to learn more about OSHA’s standard 1910.178? Click HERE.
  • Daily inspections of lift trucks are required by OSHA. Download our Daily Inspection Forms (see below)
  • Information on the ITA’s (Industrial Truck Association) Forklift Safety Day
  • Download OSHA’s Aerial Lift Fact Sheet that helps you understand your responsibilities when you rent, own or operate any type of aerial lift equipment.

Let Apex Material Handling help you stay in compliance and operate a safer and more productive workplace. We want to be your source for credible and reliable forklift operator training. Give us a call, you will be glad you did.

Daily Forklift Inspections aren’t just the law, they will reduce liability, product damage and loss and catch small maintenance issues before they become giant repair headaches. Download our free Forklift Daily Inspection Forms:

Electric Inspection Form

IC Inspection Form

Apex Material Handling wants you to operate efficiently and safely. For any questions about our upcoming training classes, what they include and how to attend, please contact us at 888-530-1832.

Before you put an employee on one of your lift trucks, you must fully understand their level of experience, what equipment they’ve operated, what conditions they have operated those forklifts under and what, if any, additional training is required to ensure that they are ready to operate YOUR lift trucks under YOUR specific conditions.

Our Forklift Operator Questionnaire helps walk you through the process of asking the questions that will help you determine a plan of action for training your new, or current operators.

Download the Questionnaire.